21 Jan 2020

21st January 2020

Brook Green Supply enters into a long-term wholesale energy supply agreement with SCMI Limited

London: Brook Green Supply, a dedicated energy supplier and solutions provider to industrial and commercial energy consumers across the UK, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a long-term wholesale energy supply agreement with SCMI Limited, a subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation, a leading global Japanese trading and business investment company.

Richard Nicholls, Director and Head of Commercial at Brook Green Supply said that “through this long-term partnership, SCMI will provide us the support required to scale our business and further develop our customer offering.”

SCMI is active in European natural gas markets, with its focus on wholesale trading and financing. Moreover, Sumitomo Corporation group, amongst its many business activities, provides similar supplier agreements in the US natural gas and power markets. Hironobu Yamamura, Managing Director at SCMI said of the agreement “we are pleased to support our partner Brook Green Supply in its efforts to build a best-in-class energy supply business focusing on large UK business customers.”

About Brook Green Supply

Brook Green Supply is a UK-based electricity and gas supplier. Brook Green Supply provides informed, flexible and responsive choices that bring industrial and commercial businesses closer to the energy market. Brook Green Supply is a member of the CF Partners group of companies, a leading energy risk management, trading and asset management group operating across a range of European markets.

About SCMI Limited

SCMI Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation, whose head office is based in Tokyo, Japan. Sumitomo Corporation (“SC”) is a leading Fortune 500 global trading and business investment company with 135 locations (Japan: 22, Overseas: 113) in 66 countries and regions. The entire SC Group consists of more than 900 companies. SC conducts commodity transactions in all industries utilizing worldwide networks, provides its customers with a wide variety of financing schemes, serves as an organiser and a coordinator for a diverse range of projects, and invests in businesses to further promote their growth potential. In addition to commodity trading, SC’s core business areas include Metal Products, Transportation and Construction Systems, Infrastructure, Media and Digital, Lifestyle and Real Estate, Mineral Resources, Energy, and Chemical and Electronics.


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