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Discover the Power of AMR Meters for Accurate Billing and Enhanced Energy Management

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Advanced Meter Reading (AMR) provides valuable insights into your energy usage patterns, allowing you to identify areas of inefficiency and make informed decisions to optimise your energy consumption. Within your portal you can understand your energy habits, actively work towards reducing waste, lower costs, and contribute to a more sustainable energy economy

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AMR, where billing accuracy reaches new heights. These devices automatically capture your meter readings and transmit the data to us. This ensures that your bills are based on actual consumption, free of uncertainties or surprises.

Government Mandate AMR Meters

Government Mandate – Sustainable Future

In line with the government's commitment to creating a sustainable energy economy, we are proud to support the mandate to install AMR meters by the end of 2025.

Unlock AMR Meter Potential


Take the opportunity today to unlock the full potential of AMR meters. Contact us today at 020 7870 4940 to discuss how AMR meters can help you to take control of your energy consumption and embrace a more sustainable future.

Together, let's revolutionise the way we manage energy.


Installing your meter efficiently

Providing dedicated Site Contacts can significantly improve and speed up the booking and installation process, as they will act as the direct link between our 3rd party installers and your site.

By having someone on-site who is familiar with the existing metering location and setup we can ensure our engineers are able to identify the requirements and gain access to the site at a time convenient for you.

*All installs are carried out by 3rd party agents and therefore your details will be passed on to them.


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When you complete an online form or contact the Brook Green Supply team letting us know you would like an AMR Meter, the information will be sent directly to our Metering Team.


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After a few eligibility checks have been carried out, we will pass your information to one of our agents/installers. They will then arrange to contact you to book an appointment in around 2-3 weeks.


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When our installer contacts you to arrange the booking, you will be asked some questions about the site and your current meter. They will also run through some important information for you to consider ahead of the booking.


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To complete the meter exchange, there may be some downtime required to your electricity supply. This will be kept to a minimum in order to avoid disruption.

Once completed, your new AMR device will start communicating and be ready to provide you with accurate bills.


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Our AMR Installation Targets:

In line with Ofgem's Smart Meter Transition guidelines, during 2023 Brook Green Supply worked towards targets of 75 AMR installs for electricity and 7 AMR installs for gas by 31st December 2023. By the end of 2023, we achieved 110 electricity AMR installs and 79 gas AMR installs.

We have now received our new targets for 2024 and due to our exceptional installation performance during 2023 we have been set a target of 0 AMR installs for both gas and electricity. Despite this we will continue to install both gas and electricity AMR meters wherever possible throughout 2024, in line with company policy. We will publish our 2024 performance against the targets set on our website by 31st January 2025.