Standards of Conduct

Brook Green Supply

What are the Standards of Conduct?

The Standards of Conduct are Ofgem Licence Conditions designed to ensure businesses are treated fairly, honestly, transparently, appropriately, and professionally. This guarantees a positive experience with the supplier and encourages continued engagement. Suppliers must provide complete, accurate, and non-misleading information in plain language, enabling customers to make informed decisions about their energy supply.

Why They Are Important to Us 

Fairness, honesty, transparency, appropriateness, and professionalism are integral to our core values. We believe that these principles help our customers navigate the complex energy market.

Our Standards of Conduct are embedded throughout our business, driven by the senior leadership, and understood by all staff members.

Our invoicing policy is guided by
two core principles


Robust onboarding processes and effective cross-team collaboration ensure invoices are issued accurately, based on actual consumption data where available.

Timely Invoicing

We operate a monthly invoicing cycle, aiming to issue all invoices as soon as possible.

Communication Standards

At Brook Green Supply, we value clear and effective communication. Our friendly and approachable team, including dedicated Account Managers and a Support Team, provide a proactive and engaging customer experience.

We strive to ensure all our customers understand their energy contracts, invoices, and other communications.

Customer Switching

We understand that businesses switch suppliers for various reasons and are committed to making this process smooth and efficient.

We ensure that agreed terms and conditions are met before accepting a transfer request and communicate any necessary actions to facilitate a seamless transition. If you are moving into a property we supply, please provide as much information as possible to ensure our records are accurate.

A copy of our change of tenancy form can be downloaded from our website - Important Documents | Brook Green Supply

Deemed Contracts

We aim to minimise the number of customers on deemed contracts, which apply when a customer takes responsibility for a property we supply without agreeing a contract.

We encourage any business on a deemed contract to discuss more suitable long-term arrangements with our team. Our deemed rates comply with Ofgem’s Standard Licence Conditions.

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