Committed to providing energy supply solutions to Industrial & Commercial consumers

Wholesale market experts

The wholesale energy market is the largest single driver of consumer energy prices. Our experienced trading and pricing team can help you understand and effectively manage your commodity risk. Asides from UK power and gas markets, our trading team also have access to European energy and environmental markets.

Getting the basics right

By solely working with larger energy consumers, we provide a high degree of specialisation and focus to customers. Our end-to-end systems ensure that from the point of quote through to renewal, we can work together in a timely, accurate and transparent manner that delivers the best results to our customers.

A tailored approach

Our customers are at the centre of what we do. We work with businesses from a broad spectrum of industries that have significantly different expectations of their energy contracts. The contracts we put in place are all structured to meet the needs of individual businesses.

Energy markets are changing

The move away from fossil fuels is creating unprecedented change. Our agile and data driven approach means we can be at the front of innovation, ensuring new perspectives and product growth. By working with Brook Green, customers will be best positioned to unlock flexibility and unrealised value, whilst adapting to the changing energy mix and regulatory landscape.


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