London Based

All of our operations are based in the UK and headquartered in London. We recognise the need for high quality communication and engagement.

Competitive Pricing

We provide consistently competitive gas and power prices across a range of contract lengths.

Accurate & Clear

We understand the need for precision when quoting, metering and billing to ensure customers know where they stand.

Green Energy

We offer 100% green electricity backed by REGO (Renewable Energy Guarantees Origin) certificates, and a range of greener gas supply options.


A full suite of products to meet your energy needs.


Our fully fixed price contracts cover all energy and non-energy costs providing budget certainty for businesses.


Pass-through contracts allow customers with demand flexibility to realise savings by avoiding peak demand times and benefiting from reduced industry charges.


Flex contracts put you in control of your energy purchasing decisions, giving you more discretion over how and when energy is traded.

New Connections

Our new connections channel provides a fast and clear route to installation and supply.



We work in detail with a large range of industrial customers to optimise energy contracts around their specific needs and operations.


Our commercial customers include office space, retail and leisure. We work with these customers to ensure energy can integrate as seamlessly as possible into their business.

Public Sector

We work with a number of public sector organisations to minimise costs, increase efficiency and ensure compliance.

EV Charging

We recognise that this space is growing rapidly. Our proactive and data driven approach ensures we are prepared to expand on our existing portfolio of EV charging networks.


News & Insights