Delivering power and gas supply solutions to industrial and commercial customers

Who we are

Serving the I&C sector

Brook Green Supply provides power and gas to a diverse portfolio of industrial and commercial energy consumers across the UK. In a market that rewards flexibility, our services enable customers to optimise their energy generation and supply within an increasingly volatile and intermittent grid.

How we help you

Optimise energy supply in changing times

The growth of renewables in the UK energy markets has already brought about significant changes for energy intensive businesses in the UK. We are committed to helping you optimise your energy supply in the context of a grid increasingly characterised by intermittent generation, and a market that will reward demand side flexibility.

Why us

Experienced team

Our team has extensive experience across operations, trading, risk management and energy policy, enabling us to provide the most comprehensive energy products and tailored services for our customers, rather than being limited to the traditional offerings from supply companies.

Fixed Contract

Our fixed price contracts provide the best protection against movements in non-commodity and wholesale energy prices.

These contracts provide simplicity and the greatest budget certainty for a range of different energy consumers.

Flex Contract

Through our diversified flex offering, we are able to cater to the needs of all major energy consumers. We provide a spectrum of options for managing wholesale energy costs, from a volume tolerance product to full cash out, which can be paired with pass-through or fixed non-commodity costs depending on customer appetite.

Together with access to our trading desk, customers are able to gain better control and understanding over their energy costs and risk management.

All flex contracts allow for the integration of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) into the contract structure.

Energy transition


We are able to provide customers with access to Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) from a variety of renewable and low-carbon technologies.

Benefits of PPAs may include longer-term price certainty, enhanced green credentials, and diversification of risk. We work with all customers to ensure that PPAs can be integrated into supply agreements.


Customers can access a broad range of different carbon offset options. By working with CFP Energy, we can provide a comprehensive range of solutions and structures.

Renewable Energy Certificates

We are active across a number of different renewable energy certificate markets including REGOs, ROCs, iRECs and European certificate markets. All of these certificates can be traded as part of a supply agreement or on a standalone basis.

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