100% REGO-backed electricity and carbon-offset gas

Continuing to power UK I&C’s with Renewables 

Brook Green Supply are proud to have supplied our entire portfolio with 100% renewable electricity and carbon neutral gas in 2018/19, exactly as we did in 2017/18.

As a leading I&C electricity and gas supplier, we are committed to continue supporting renewable generators and projects by providing REGO-backed electricity and carbon neutral gas to all our clients at no additional cost. This means our portfolio that includes hotel chains, data & energy centres, EV charging networks, high street brands and multi-national manufacturing organisations will continue to benefit from simple and cost-effective renewable energy supplied by us. 

Our indicative electricity fuel mix breakdown from April 2018 to March 2019 can be found below.

BGS Fuel Renewable Mix

CO2 Emissions - 0g/kWh
Radioactive waste - 0.00g/kWh

UK Average fuel mix 2017

CO2 Emissions - 225g/kWh
Radioactive waste - 0.0014g/kWh

The electricity our clients used helped to support 310 renewable generators from all over the country, including 95 wind farms, solar installations and hydro generators. We also supported biomass generators, such as CHP projects, helping to alleviate grid stress with onsite generation as well as the move away from more carbon intensive fuels such as coal. The gas our clients used was carbon-offset using United Nations backed credits originated under the Kyoto Protocol.

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