Helping generators and consumers understand and thrive in an increasingly volatile energy market

How we help you

Broad range of solutions

We are able to provide a full suite of trading, portfolio management and operational capabilities to a range of energy users. We work actively across renewable generators, peakers, flexibility providers and other market participants.

Why us

Leading market access. Expert team

Through our dedicated trading desk, we offer leading market access and portfolio management, providing generators and customers with asset optimisation revenue streams that can be tailored to their own risk profile. Our trading desk is operated by an experienced team to provide expert monitoring and settlement.


We are an active buyer of PPAs from generators and asset managers to provide them with revenue stream security and reduced risk. Benefits include reliable market access, attractive investment prospects, and longer-term price certainty.

Our PPAs can be tailored to each specific project, technology, location and capacity, enabling both new and proven generators to meet their financial requirements. Combined with our flexible approach to pricing, you can be assured that any arrangement and its associated costs will be suited to your specific risk appetite.

Market Access & Portfolio Management


Bespoke trading strategies based on risk appetite and asset characteristics


Experienced flexibility trading desk


Access to and expertise in carbon and environmental markets


Agile and responsive to emerging markets


Access to supply portfolio to provide offtake

Asset Optimisation


Robust generation and revenue forecasting


Technology agnostic


Algorithmic trading


Real-time monitoring and asset dispatch



Established systems built to manage complexity


Experienced billing and operations team


Ability to integrate seamlessly with supply and PPA contracts

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