Brook Green Supply Goes Green

3 Apr 2019

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Brook Green Supply Goes Green

We are pleased to announce we have taken steps to provide additional sustainability and environmental benefits for all our Gas and Electricity customers at no additional cost.


All electricity supplied to customers by Brook Green Supply are backed by Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificates. This means that all Brook Green Supply customers will receive electricity that is certified as sourced from a renewable generator in the UK from a range of technologies including wind, landfill gas, and solar generation.


All gas supplied by Brook Green Supply has been carbon offset using United Nations-certified carbon credits approved under the Kyoto Protocol. Asides from emissions reductions, these projects also meet United Nations sustainability criteria. Brook Green Supply retires these certificates in a UN registry account.

Adding these additional benifits to our portfolio at no extra cost shows our commitment to provide our customers with value-added products and services. We have taken this initiative to give our customers a cost-effective way of reducing their carbon footprints and improving sustainability reporting.

Additional information is available by calling a member of the team on 020 7870 4940 or emailing

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