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Why AMR?

As a supplier to Industrial and Commercial customers, Brook Green plans to continue to offer an Advanced Meter Reading (AMR) solution to customers where their portfolio includes non-half hourly (electricity) or non-daily metered (gas) properties.

The DCC cannot currently accommodate all commercial meter types, including CT meters for both half hourly and non-half hourly metered properties. An AMR solution would enable all meters supplied by Brook Green to have their data requirements met via a single service provider, enabling metered consumption data to be obtained via remote communication.

Consumption data can then be used for billing and helping businesses to undertake activities such as invoice validation, management of consumption and potentially make improvements in efficiency and reduce costs.

How does Smart Metering differ?

Smart meters provide the same benefits as AMR metering but also allow customers to view electricity and gas consumption data along with the associated cost near real time. Consumption data is managed via a centralised data communications company and is viewed either on a device connected to the metering equipment (in home display), or potentially via an app or web portal where available.

Access to this real time information can also help to manage consumption and potentially make changes to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Do I have a choice?

If your business meets the governments definition of a ‘Micro-Business ’, and you don’t already have an AMR meter or data logger installed then you should be offered a meter that meets the published Smart Metering Technical Specifications (SMETS).

If your business is not considered to be a Micro-Business, then you may be able to choose between an AMR metering solution or one that meets the SMETS requirements.

If you would like to discuss your metering requirements in more detail you can contact the team via
email at or by calling 020 7870 4940.

Additional information regarding Smart meters can be found on the Smart Energy GB website:

Our AMR installation targets

In line with Ofgem's Smart Meter Transition guidelines, Brook Green Supply will work to achieve an AMR roll-out target of 72 for electricity and 58 for gas by 31st December 2022. Our performance towards this target will be published on our website by 31st January 2023.


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