Additional Energy Products

Wholesale | Oil Products | Carbon & Emmissions

Wholesale gas and electricity

Advantages of dealing with Brook Green Supply include

  • Ability to price non-market standard clip sizes
  • Non-standard products including virtual energy storage and options
  • Ability to provide REMIT reporting
  • Quick setup and onboarding process

Oil Products

A number of the customers we work with in the UK also have exposure to the oil markets. Through Brook Green Supply, customers can gain access to a team covering the full range of oil products.
If you are impacted by oil products please feel free to get in touch for a discussion. Call our sales team on 020 7870 4942 or email us at

Carbon and Emissions

Around 1,500 industrial sites in the UK are covered by the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS). Brook Green Supply can help these companies meet their EU ETS compliance requirements.

  • Access to wholesale EUA and CER/ERU markets
  • Ability to purchase volumes of carbon for delivery in the future to hedge forward price risk
  • Access to EU administered carbon auctions
  • Tailored solutions specific to each individual customer
  • Access to an award winning trading and advisory team

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