Carbon Targets for 2030

UK announces ambitious new carbon target for 2030

In an effort to relieve fears of the casualty of climate change following the UK’s electorate vote for Brexit on 24th June, Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, set an ambitious caron target to reduce carbon emissions 57% on 1990 levels, by 2030.

Agreeing the UK’s Fifth Carbon Budget, which is set as ‘tougher’ than the European Union target of 40%, has eased anxieties in the green energy sector on the UK’s leadership on climate change.

However, concerns have arisen on the extremity of the ambitious carbon target and how the UK Government intends to achieve this. With the UK Business sector accounting for just under half of the UK’s carbon emissions, pressure may be placed on non-domestic energy consumers to better manage their energy consumption via potential further government levies.

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