Moving Premises

Moving Premises - also known as Change of Tenancy (CoT)

If you are planning to move premises, please be sure to inform us at least seven working days in advance. If you either fail to inform us or do not contact us, we may hold you liable for the cost of energy supply from your vacation date to the next actual meter reading taken by our meter reading agency or the occupier contact us. In addition to your utility costs we may start trace enquiries and will charge you the costs of these enquiries.

When vacating your premises, you should inform Brook Green Supply of the following:

  • Your final meter reading and the date it was taken
  • The date you ceased responsibility of the premises
  • Forwarding address for your final bill or any additional correspondence
  • If available, the new occupier’s details
  • If available, the landlords details

Contact Support

Please contact our Business Support Team with any queries you may have regarding your account -

020 7870 4940