Regulation P272

As directed by Ofgem modification P272, all businesses with a profile class 05-08 are to have their electricity usage recorded every half hour.

Historically, meters that aren’t capable of recording consumption half-hourly were assigned to one of eight Profile Classes. These profile classes are used to estimate consumption in each settlement period. P272 will eliminate profile classes 05-08, instead settling them on data collected every half hour.

Why is P272 happening?

Half hourly settlement allows for a much more accurate representation of energy consumption, bringing an end to estimated bills and helping to maintain secure supply for the UK. It also gives consumers a better understanding of their usage, allowing them to make informed decisions surrounding the electricity they consume.

With the improved quality and frequency of energy consumption data, suppliers will be able to provide customers with more bespoke pricing. Using half hourly settlement, consumers will be better informed to move consumption away from peak hours. This brings down costs for network operators, enabling them to reduce future costs for consumers.

What impact does it have on the customer?

Customers aren’t likely to notice any significant changes from P272. Existing contracted unit rates and standing charges will be unaffected, and bills will become more accurate as dependency on estimates decreases. Some customers will now be subject to capacity charges, more information on these can be found below.

Associates Capacity Charges?

Current Transformer (CT) meters will be subject to capacity charges issued by the distribution network operator (DNO). The Maximum Import Capacity (MIC) is the amount of capacity reserved by your DNO for your site.

If your supply is applicable for capacity charges, your DNO should have already notified you in writing. Your DNO is listed on your Brook Green Supply invoice or can be found on the DNO website. We recommend confirming with your DNO that your MIC is suitable to ensure you’re not paying too much; either through charges for exceeding your agreed capacity if MIC is too low, or by paying for unused capacity if your MIC is too high.

Can any meter work be used?

Half hourly settlement can only take place where an advanced meter has been installed. In most cases, this should have already taken place and no meter change will be required. However, some meters are not compatible with half hourly settlement, so a replacement must take place.

There is no charge for this upgrade, but an appointment cost may be applied if an out of hours appointment is required.

For additional information please refer to:

> OFGEM's P272 fact sheet

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