Understanding your costs

Deregulation has greatly opened up the energy and power market over the past couple of decades allowing for the consumer to shop around for competitive prices and better services. However, the financial gain through greater competition has been countered by rising wholesale prices and infrastructure investments.

Wholesales energy costs

Is what we pay producers for either generating electricity at power plants or extracting gas through exploration and production.

Network costs

Both gas and electricity need to be transported to their point of consumption – your business – and will involve a number of additional steps that include transmission and distribution. The transmission grid transports large volumes over long distances while the distribution grid “distributes” the gas and electricity locally to your business. Like motorways and county roads, the transmission and distribution infrastructure requires continuous maintenance and upgrades as to keep up with growing demand and regulation.

Environmental and social costs

The UK government has launched large infrastructure upgrade programmes to cope with projected growth of demand, to increase efficiency and to develop the renewable sector. All these contribute to the charges and levies that we pay.

Supplier operating costs

Includes our operational cost and the advance purchase of energy so as to lock in prices and remove risk.


This is established by HMRC and is usually 20% for businesses. There are special circumstances where the rate drops to 5%.

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