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  • Deemed Rates

    Our Deemed Rates apply to all customers receiving supply of electricity and/or gas that do not have a valid supply contract in place with Brook Green Supply. This could be caused by; Moving into a new site previously supplied by Brook Green Supply Coming to the end of an existing supply ...
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  • Understanding Your Gas & Electricity Invoice

    There can be many line items and acronyms on a gas and electricity invoice. To help you, we have published a brief guide that you can view and download ...
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  • Understanding your energy costs

    Deregulation has greatly opened up the energy and power market over the past couple of decades allowing for the consumer to shop around for competitive prices and better services. However, the financial gain through greater competition has been countered by rising wholesale prices and ...
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  • Distribution Network Operator (DNO)

    In the event of a power cut, the National Grid site will help you to identify the DNO you need to contact. Should you have multiple sites you will need to contact the DNO(s) for each the sites affected. Access the National Grid ...
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  • Gas Emergency

    If you either smell gas or are concerned about a gas safety matter you should contact the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999 immediately - calls are free and advice is available 24/7. At the time of your call to the emergency services you will be required to provide the following ...
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  • Gas Emergency Contact Details

    If you have a gas supply over a certain size you must provide us with up to date emergency contact details so we can contact you in case of an emergency. Emergency contact details are required for Gas only where an individual sites consumption is over 732,000 kWh (25,000 therms) per annum. These ...
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  • How to read your meter

    Most UK businesses now have either half-hourly or smart meters and in such a case this section will not be relevant as such meters submit their data to the supplier, automatically. In the event that your site does not have a half-hourly or smart meter, this section will explain how you should ...
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  • How to submit your meter read

    For Non-Half Hourly (NHH) and non-Smart meter customers, keeping track and submitting your business energy consumption is important so as to avoid additional costs that may be associated to estimated bills. Simply take a meter reading, five days before or after the last day of your billing month ...
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  • Smart Meter Rollout

    Smart Meters are the new generation of meters, similar to standard gas and electricity meters, but are able to show you the amount of energy you are using in both units and pounds and pence, in near real time. Why do I need a Smart Meter? Smart Meters are able to communicate with us, sending us ...
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  • AMR

    Between now and 2020 the government has mandated that all domestic and small business premises have a Smart meter installed. As a supplier to Industrial and Commercial customers, Brook Green plans to continue to offer an Advanced Meter Reading (AMR) solution to customers where their portfolio includes non-Half Hourly (electricity) or non-daily metered (gas) properties...
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  • Regulation P272

    P272 is an industry wide change mandating Half-Hourly (HH) settlement for all profile class 5-8 meters. As of 1 April 2017, all electricity consumers with profile class 5-8 will need to have their meters updated to allow for HH reads. Most small businesses are affected by this change. What's ...
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  • Changes to the Climate Change Levy (CCL)

    The CCL was introduced in 2001 to improve industrial and commercial energy efficiency and so reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is a UK-wide tax on the supply of energy to businesses and bodies in the public sector, with separate rates for electricity, gas, solid fuels and liquefied gases ...
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  • Making a complaint

    Obviously, we hope that you need never to make a complaint. Should you, nevertheless, believe that you have either be treated in a non-professional manner or have any other concern regarding Brook Green Supply, we urge you to please bring the issue to our attention. Please call our Business ...
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  • Moving Premises

    Moving Premises - also known as Change of Tenancy (CoT) If you are planning to move premises, please be sure to inform us at least seven working days in advance. If you either fail to inform us or do not contact us, we may hold you liable for the cost of energy supply from your vacation date to ...
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  • Direct Debit Explained

    Direct Debits provide you with peace of mind as it automates the payment process and is easy to set up. You may download, complete and email us the form below; alternatively, you may call our Business Support Team at 020 7870 4940. Once your Direct Debit is established, you will receive a monthly ...
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