Brook Green Supply to triple its customer portfolio this year

Brook Green Supply aims to triple customer base in 2018

by Clare Rule

Brook Green Supply, a gas and electricity supplier for British businesses, plans to triple its customer portfolio this year.

The company, which currently has around 1,000 clients – the equivalent of 100,000 domestic meters – said its growth plans follow a “successful first year”.

Christian Coles director at Brook Green Supply, said the business came about after a gap in the market was spotted when most companies were deciding to enter the “saturated” domestic space.

He said the firm saw an opportunity for the commercial and industrial market.

Brook Green Supply, which is a subsidiary of energy risk management firm, CF Partners, said it will be rolling out new products in 2018, including “flexible contracts” and “pass-through pricing”.

Coles said: “We are a relatively new business so increasing our customer base would mean that we are more relevant in the space, we can certainly see the opportunities for demand side response and we can add a lot more value to our customer base with a bigger portfolio.”

He said the company is in an “excellent position for scaling up” and taking on a larger customer base.

“We were super keen in our first year to get the basics right. We have the best in class system that enables us to price contracts quickly and effectively, its inherently scalable which means we plan to grow this year and continue this going forward,” he said.

Coles added: “One of the things that we challenge the big six on is giving the customer what they want. We are really pleased that we don’t talk to our clients a lot, which sounds like a really odd thing to say but it just means that that they are not calling us up and having problems.”

At Utility Week’s Energy Customer conference last month, Jonathan Kini, chief executive of Drax Retail, said: “We know from research we’ve done that SMEs spend only six minutes a year thinking about their energy bill. They simply don’t have time, they need to prioritise other things for their businesses to succeed.

“That is where support and advice from their energy supplier can be so crucial and where we believe we can add real value.”

> Brook Green Supply to triple its customer portfolio this year

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