Deemed rates

Our Deemed Rates apply to all customers receiving supply of electricity and/or gas that do not have a valid supply contract in place with Brook Green Supply. This could be caused by;

  • Moving into a new site previously supplied by Brook Green Supply
  • Coming to the end of an existing supply contract
  • Being in breach of the Brook Green Supply terms and conditions

Effective from 01/01/2017, our deemed rates are set at:

Electricity Supply

Meter Profile Standing Charge (p/day) Unit Rate (p/kWh) Capacity (p/KVA/day)
01-04 60.00 21.00 N/A
05-08 95.00 21.00 N/A
Half Hourly Meter 95.00 21.00 4.00

Gas Supply

Meter Daily Charge (p/day) Unit Rate (p/kWh)
Small Non-Daily Meters (<73,200 kWh) 90.00 5.75
Large Non-Daily Meters (>73,200 kWh) 1800.00 5.75
Daily Meters 8000.00 5.75

Contact Support

Please contact our Business Support Team with any queries you may have regarding your account -

020 7870 4940